Health benefits of Spanish olives

Read more to know the benefits of including Spanish olives in your diet and the properties of a Spanish olive nutrition

Spanish olives are renowned globally for their flavor and versatility. This Mediterranean delicacy, the fruit of the olive tree, boasts numerous health benefits. Additionally, Spanish olives have several gastronomic uses, not to mention our celebrated olive oil which, in turn, has multiple uses too. In this article, we talk about the benefits of Spanish olives, … Read more

Italica olive oil for beard care

If you are looking to stimulate healthy hair growth and improve its shine and softness, the benefits of olive oil for beards are guaranteed.

Is olive oil good for beards? Yes, olive oil for beard is a natural solution to promote growth and maintain your beard in its best condition. Italica Olive Oil isn’t just great for your diet; it’s also a fantastic choice for your skin and hair growth. How to use olive oil for beard growth The … Read more

Olive oil hair treatment

Make your own DIY olive oil hair treatment: no other hair mask will be as natural and effective.

Olive oil hair treatments provide a healthy and safe method to moisturize and repair your hair. Each day, our hair encounters various external factors that can cause damage, such as the sun, hairdryers, dyes, and chlorine. However, there’s no need to rely on chemical-laden products. Excellent results can be achieved using solely natural ingredients. All … Read more

Different types of olive oil and their uses

Which are the different types of olive oil? Learn about each of them to know the different uses from which you can benefit.

Distinguishing between the different types of olive oil and their uses is crucial for maximizing the benefits of olive oil in various situations. Whether it’s in the kitchen for cooking or for personal care like hair and skin, understanding the different types and their specific uses is key. Are you ready to learn more? Different … Read more

Types of olive oil for cooking

Have you ever wondered which type of olive oil is best for frying? Learn more about the types of olive oil for cooking in this post.

Knowing the different types of olive oil for cooking will help you take your recipes to the next level. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of olive oil for cooking and their unique characteristics, so you can choose the right oil for your recipes and enjoy the benefits of this healthy ingredient. … Read more

Olive oil calories

How many calories can be found in one teaspoon olive oil? What about a cup olive oil? Find out more about the kind of calories you eat and why they are important for your diet.

Are you worried about olive oil calories? Are they good for your diet? Here is all you need to know about the benefits of olive oil and its calories!  How many calories can be found in olive oil? One teaspoon of olive oil has 40 calories. Quick review: calories are the measure of energy used … Read more

Baking with olive oil:
the most delicious and healthy alternative

Is cooking food with olive oil healthier or natural salted butter? The answer is olive oil! Learn all about baking with olive oil to make your recipes healthier and tastier.

If you know little about baking with olive oil, you may be wondering: Can I replace butter with olive oil in baking? Is cooking food with olive oil healthier than cooking with natural salted butter?  This post will teach you everything you need to know about baking with olive oil instead of butter. Why you … Read more

Your new skin care partner
Discover olive oil benefits for skin

olive oil benefits for skin care

What does olive oil do for your skin? Perhaps you have never given it much thought, and the fact is that there is a general lack of knowledge about the properties and uses of olive oil. According to Joseph R. Profaci, Executive Director of the North American Olive Oil Association, most consumers in the U.S. … Read more

Is olive oil for hair growth useful?

olive oil for hair growth

Is it good to use olive oil for hair growth? Does olive oil moisturize hair or make it greasy? Is it healthy to apply an olive oil hair treatment? There are many unknowns about the use of olive oil as a hair care product. Our hesitation may be due to its oily composition or texture. … Read more

Drinking olive oil? Top reasons to start doing this

benefits of drinking olive oil

Is drinking olive oil advisable? There are many reasons why extra virgin olive oil is highly beneficial for the body. We are already familiar with some of them, such as that it contains primarily monounsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 oleic acid. These acids help lipoproteins become more resistant to oxidation, thereby helping to prevent coronary … Read more

Is olive oil vegan?

is olive oil vegan? The answer is yes!

Extra virgin olive oil can be an excellent source of healthy fats, which offer many benefits for the body. They are also important for vitamin absorption, among many other health benefits. But what is the recommended daily allowance of fat? Monounsaturated fats are best for the body and should comprise a quarter of our total … Read more

Ancient uses of olive oil

Heirs of liquid gold, the 15 most important ancient uses of olive oil in history.

Olive oil has been a part of human life for centuries, but what were the ancient uses of olive oil? Many of its purposes today have been passed down from one generation to the next. Thousands of years ago, just like today, this element was used in everyday life. The 15 most important ancient uses … Read more

4 coconut oil uses that you have never heard of…
but will love!

Coconut oil uses and benefits

Coconut oil uses have gained popularity, especially in recent years. Its benefits as a natural moisturizer, combined with its nutrients, smell and flavor, make it absolutely irresistible!  This article describes 4 coconut oil uses that we love: 1. Coconut oil benefits for hair Some of the coconut oil benefits for hair include: vitamin E, antioxidants … Read more

Olive oil nutrients

Olive oil nutrients and health benefits

There are many olive oil nutrients because olive oil is a vegetable fat, which is essential for human life. These nutrients are precursors of certain hormones and provide the body with vitamins.  What are olive oil nutrients? The main olive oil nutrients are oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. When discussing olive oil nutrients, … Read more

Olive Oil Nutrition Information

olive oil nutrition information

Olive oil is 100% free of proteins, carbs, cholesterol, or sugars but is high in calories (119 kcal per tablespoon) due largely to its levels of monounsaturated fat.