Thanks to avocado oil benefits, we are able to pamper ourselves inside and out.

Avocado oil benefits: personal care
using the latest fruit trend

In addition to being the latest fruit trend, is avocado oil healthy? The answer is yes, and with good reason. Avocado oil benefits show that in addition to being popular, this fruit offers beneficial effects when it forms part of our diet and daily routine.

Avocado oil is considered to be a functional oil, which means that in addition to its nutritional properties, it also serves a specific function, which in this case is to provide multiple health benefits. 

Let’s take a look at everything this oil has to offer.

Avocado oil benefits in the kitchen  

As we mentioned earlier, avocado has become quite popular in recent years. Could it be because of its Instagrammable color, versatile flavor or its many properties? Perhaps its popularity is the result of all of these aspects combined. Ultimately, avocado oil benefits are real. 

You have probably been told that “avocado oil is bad for you because it has a lot of fat.” Rest assured because most of the fats in this oil are unsaturated (Omega-9 and Omega-6), also known as “the good kind.” Avocado oil offers added benefits for our eyesight and, more importantly, our cardiovascular health. Some of the key vitamins present in avocado oil are A, E, D and K, in addition to oleic acid (which lowers blood pressure) and B-complex vitamins, among others. 

The flavor is another great appeal since avocado oil has a unique taste that is much lighter than olive oil, although the two have a similar density. If you’re the type of person who likes to innovate in the kitchen, then this versatile ingredient is for you. It can be used to make cold or warm recipes as well as sauces, or combined with fruits and vegetables. Additionally, its high smoke point makes it the perfect ally for sautés and roasts.

Avocado oil benefits in cosmetics 

Skin and hair products also leverage 100% of avocado oil’s properties. Because it is rich in fatty acids and contains vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as Omega 3, avocado oil can be used to care for our bodies, inside and out. 

Avocado oil benefits for skin  

On the one hand, vitamins K and E help to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, and also treat cracked heels, eczemas, blemishes and more. Avocado oil can be used in natural scrubs, eye creams, body lotions and face masks, leaving the skin feeling replenished and nourished. 

Everyone’s skin is unique! Which is why we recommend that you first try avocado oil on a patch to confirm the amount that works best for you. A trick is to add a few drops of avocado oil to our moisturizers and body lotions. The difference will be amazing!

Avocado oil benefits for hair  

Is avocado oil good for hair? Avocado oil can also be included in any hair routine. The vitamins in this oil easily penetrate the hair, leaving it silky, soft and shiny. To try out its effectiveness, apply it as a mask to dry hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash the hair with warm water. Voila!

Avocado oil can also be used for split ends by applying it to damp hair with a gentle massage. This can be done daily for extremely dry hair or once a week for normal hair.

Make the most of avocado oil and let its many properties pamper you inside and out.

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