Coconut oil uses and benefits

4 coconut oil uses that you have never heard of…
but will love!

Coconut oil uses have gained popularity, especially in recent years. Its benefits as a natural moisturizer, combined with its nutrients, smell and flavor, make it absolutely irresistible! 

This article describes 4 coconut oil uses that we love:

1. Coconut oil benefits for hair

Some of the coconut oil benefits for hair include: vitamin E, antioxidants and nutrients, all of which translate into healthier, stronger and shinier hair. 

Many celebrities also use coconut oil daily as part of their hair routine, particularly on the ends, which tend to dry out during the summer. In fact, coconut oil has traditionally been used in India as a natural hair moisturizer.

So why not sit back and relax with a homemade coconut oil hair maskHere are a few recipes for making your own mask at home.

2. Coconut oil for skin

The fatty acids in coconut oil offer special hydration for the skin, which is why this oil tends to be recommended for dry skin or to heal burns and treat scars. If we look closely at labels, many moisturizers contain coconut oil as an essential oil.

3. Lip balm

One of the most delicate parts of the body, especially this time of year, is the face – specifically our lips. Once the temperatures drop, lips tend to dry out and crack, so one of the most popular coconut oil uses is for lip balm. This is because it serves as a natural barrier and helps to regenerate dry skin.

You can make your own lip balm at home with only three ingredients: coconut oil, honey, and leftover petrolatum. (You can also store it in an old lip balm container.)
First, melt a tablespoon of coconut oil in a container along with the leftover petroleum jelly. Mix well and slowly add half a tablespoon of honey.
Once the mixture has melted and been thoroughly combined, pour it into the container.
Allow to cool until the balm thickens.
It’s ready!

4. Coconut oil uses for cooking

Just like olive oil is perfect for any recipe, coconut oil also fits perfectly into our diet. However, we should avoid consuming excessive amounts due to the saturated fat content.

Adding coconut oil to recipes every now and then could make a difference. Vegetable dishes that are to be prepared in an Asian wok oftentimes call for this ingredient. Another option is to use it as a condiment or dressing for certain salads.

Here’s a helpful tip for people with a sweet tooth: this oil tends to solidify at cooler temperatures, so small amounts can be used when baking to add innovative flavors and aromas.


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