Home remedies to pamper your lips with olive oil for lips and skin

Olive oil for lips: protect your lips and skin with natural home remedies

Olive oil for lips is a natural home remedy that helps rejuvenate and protect your skin, especially on the coldest days of the year. These are some of the benefits of olive oil for skin and lips, and how it can be used for healthier pampering.

Benefits of olive oil for skin 

Olive oil can be used for more than just cooking. Aside from giving your dishes a healthy, nutritious touch, various types of oil can be used to treat the skin and lips. 

Extra virgin olive oil contains many vitamins and minerals, which, in addition to its natural fatty acids, help give skin a special glow. It also makes skin softer and more toned, so it is perfect for replacing industrial creams with more natural alternatives. In fact, using olive oil for skin was the best-kept secret of ancient beauty rituals used by renowned beauties from Cleopatra to Sophia Loren.

Using olive oil to exfoliate the skin

A great solution is to make a simple ointment, which can easily be done at home. Here’s how:

Pour some Italica olive oil into a container along with a handful of sugar and a bit of lemon juice. Mix well and apply to the skin, preferably in a circular motion. Another alternative is to mix olive oil and a bit of salt. However, in both instances, be sure not to apply the mixture to broken skin.

There is no need to use this scrub daily; once or twice a week is enough. The last step is to simply rinse with warm water.


Is olive oil good for dry lips?

The answer is…yes! Olive oil for chapped lips is very practical because it is moisturizing and easy to use, but above all, it is a home remedy that utilizes a pantry staple so it’s easy to try!

Using olive oil to moisturize lips

Apply a few drops of olive oil directly on lips to keep them hydrated, or add the oil to your everyday moisturizer or lip balm.

You can also create your own lip scrub for smoother lips.  Just mix a handful of brown sugar, a tablespoon of honey and a drizzle of Italica olive oil in a container. Combine well to create a uniform paste. You can increase the proportions accordingly to prepare a greater quantity.

Once the mixture is ready, apply a small amount to the lips and massage in a circular motion. Then, simply rinse with warm water.


Coconut oil for chapped lips

Another option is to use Italica coconut oil, whose moisturizing properties surpass even those of olive oil. As a result, coconut oil is the perfect solution for dry lips, as explained in Healthline, a popular health portal. This oil also has analgesic attributes, making it one of the best home remedies for treating cracked lips.

Just like with extra virgin olive oil, simply apply a small amount of coconut oil to the lips and massage gently to cover the entire surface.


Olive oil on lips overnight

You can get extra protection for dry, chapped lips if you apply olive oil or coconut oil before going to bed. As we mentioned earlier, a few drops are enough to create a thin coat that will last all night on the lips. The next day, gently rinse away any excess with warm water. This is a healthy home remedy to help protect our skin.


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