Is cooking food with olive oil healthier or natural salted butter? The answer is olive oil! Learn all about baking with olive oil to make your recipes healthier and tastier.

Baking with olive oil:
the most delicious and healthy alternative

If you know little about baking with olive oil, you may be wondering: Can I replace butter with olive oil in baking? Is cooking food with olive oil healthier than cooking with natural salted butter?  This post will teach you everything you need to know about baking with olive oil instead of butter.

Why you should try baking with olive oil instead of butter

You have probably wondered which is healthier: cooking food with olive oil or cooking with natural salted butter. And yes, you should be baking with olive oil instead of butter, primarily for health reasons:

  • The difference lies in the source of each ingredient: olive oil is obtained from plants and butter is made from animal fat.
  • When butter is used at high temperatures, most of the product is burned, so we must keep a close eye on the heat level. If we use burnt butter, some of its components could be harmful to our health.

  Also, because butter contains a high level of saturated fat, it raises LDL cholesterol. In turn, oil protects against cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

And what about in my favorite desserts? Can I replace the butter in baking?

The answer is yes!  When it comes to baking, one of the main uses of butter is to make the batter rise. However, you can achieve the same effect by baking with olive oil, and as mentioned earlier, it’s also healthier. Click here to read about sweet uses for olive oil and be sure to try our olive oil carrot cake recipe or olive oil cookies recipe.

However, keep in mind that the olive oil you use will have a major impact on the result. So be sure to choose the type of olive oil that best suits your cooking experience. Click here to find your perfect oil for baking with olive oil!

If you are still not convinced, then what if we told you that baking with olive oil instead of butter results in a more tender and uniform crumb? Also, cakes and pastries will stay fresh longer than when made with butter. A cake or pastry made with oil can last 5 days at room temperature or 10 days in the refrigerator.

Additionally, butter tends to dry out cakes that contain chocolate. So oil is a better choice. Try making cakes like this chocolate one!

Baking bread with olive oil

When making bread, adding olive oil to the dough will result in a more tender crumb and crust. So if you prefer soft, tender and moist bread, then extra virgin olive oil is your best option!


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