Olive oil for dogs?
Find out why it’s important

A diet based on olive oil for dogs is more nutritional.

Olive oil for dogs? You may never have considered it, but people with pets will want to know how important olive oil can be for their furry friends. Aside from cooking and dressings, there are countless ways to use quality olive oil. Keep reading to learn more about them.    Can dogs have olive oil? … Read more

What do experts analyze with
an olive oil quality test?

Experts perform olive oil quality tests.

When performing an olive oil quality test, it is extremely important to consider the sensory nuances and chemical parameters that guarantee quality. These tests, which are done in specialized labs, give us a greater understanding of what the “quality olive oil” label means. For example, we are able to obtain information about the quality of … Read more

What is traditional olive oil making?

The step-by-step process of traditional olive oil making

Traditional olive oil making has become a golden legacy and a time-honored tradition whose essence has hardly changed over the centuries. Although new technologies have improved the oil extraction process, techniques that are very similar to the classic mode of operation are still used. Let’s see what this consists of. First, once olives reach the … Read more

Olive oil quality by country:
around the world to
5 olive oil producing locations

Olive oil quality by country based on our location

Today we will discuss olive oil quality by country based on our location. But first we must point out that every country is different, which means that every oil is also different. The weather, the traditions for harvesting and handling the olives, the production process and even the packaging! All of these factors alter characteristics … Read more

Acesur becomes the first olive oil company to obtain the AENOR certificate: Protocol against COVID-19

On September 30, 2020 AENOR awarded Acesur their highly-sought certification: Protocol Against COVID-19. AENOR is the organization legally responsible for the development and diffusion of technical standards in Spain.  AENOR has nearly 6,000 experts in the field with a focus on food quality and security.     Acesur was the first olive oil company to receive … Read more

Finding the perfect olive oil quality is possible

Extra virgin olive oil quality

Understanding olive oil quality will help us to choose better when shopping for oil. Selecting the best quality olive oil on the market always entails a certain degree of subjectivity by the person making the choice. However, a number of factors play a role in olive oil quality: the composition of the soil in which … Read more

How to choose olive oil

How to choose olive oil

Selecting the right bottle of olive oil at your local store can be a challenge. Find out how to choose the right brand and the right type of olive oil.

14 Facts about Olive Oil

facts about olive oil

In this post we share 14 bytes of information on olive oil: scientific facts, historical anecdotes, nutritional and health information, and more.

Types of Olive Oil

types of olive oil

Olive oil is commonly divided into five categories: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Refined Olive Oil, Olive-Pomace Oil, and Lampante Olive Oil.

The History of Olive Oil

the history of olive oil

Thousands of years of history and half a dozen civilizations have contributed to make the olive oil that we consume today. Let’s take a trip back in time!