The easiest vegan olive oil cake you can bake

vegan olive oil cake recipe

In today’s post, we recommend trying this delicious vegan olive oil cake. It is a simple recipe that can be made at home. With its soft crumb and intense lemon flavor, this cake is sure to be a hit with friends and family. The base of the cake is also perfect for any culinary enthusiast. … Read more

Your new skin care partner
Discover olive oil benefits for skin

olive oil benefits for skin care

What does olive oil do for your skin? Perhaps you have never given it much thought, and the fact is that there is a general lack of knowledge about the properties and uses of olive oil. According to Joseph R. Profaci, Executive Director of the North American Olive Oil Association, most consumers in the U.S. … Read more

Three epic upgrades for this amazing
olive oil brownie recipe

olive oil brownies recipe

Let’s talk about desserts, or rather, let’s talk about THE DESSERT! Olive Oil Brownies! Olive oil brownies may not be the most famous dessert in the world… but today we’re going to transform a classic recipe for this sweet bite into something much more delicious and healthy, and one of the key ingredients happens to … Read more

Summer soup ideas to make this summer

summer soup ideas

Would you believe us if we told you that, thanks to our 4 summer soup ideas, you won’t want to eat anything else this summer? They’re cool, light, perfect for all tastes (you can transform them into vegan summer soup ideas), healthy, original, and best of all, delicious! They all have one thing in common: … Read more

Olive oil mayonnaise recipe in 3 minutes

Homemade olive oil mayonnaise recipe

Homemade olive oil mayonnaise can save us in the event of a kitchen emergency. There is no better condiment for any picnic, family meal or get-together with friends. This quintessential sauce is always a hit! We use it in an array of dishes, such as to accompany appetizers or as the main ingredient in some … Read more

Is olive oil for hair growth useful?

olive oil for hair growth

Is it good to use olive oil for hair growth? Does olive oil moisturize hair or make it greasy? Is it healthy to apply an olive oil hair treatment? There are many unknowns about the use of olive oil as a hair care product. Our hesitation may be due to its oily composition or texture. … Read more

Roasted peppers in olive oil,
the perfect recipe for this spring

oven roasted peppers in olive oil recipe

Why is this recipe for roasted peppers in olive oil perfect for springtime? The flower season is here to stay, filling homes, streets and fields with scents and colors. Today we fill the kitchen with color thanks to a simple recipe that is perfect for whetting your appetite with a great starter, or to be … Read more

Drinking olive oil? 6 reasons to start doing this

benefits of drinking olive oil

Is drinking olive oil advisable? There are many reasons why extra virgin olive oil is highly beneficial for the body. We are already familiar with some of them, such as that it contains primarily monounsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 oleic acid. These acids help lipoproteins become more resistant to oxidation, thereby helping to prevent coronary … Read more

Is olive oil vegan?

is olive oil vegan? The answer is yes!

Extra virgin olive oil can be an excellent source of healthy fats, which offer many benefits for the body. They are also important for vitamin absorption, among many other health benefits. But what is the recommended daily allowance of fat? Monounsaturated fats are best for the body and should comprise a quarter of our total … Read more

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Recipe

chocolate olive oil cake recipe

Although it may be hard to believe, olive oil and pure chocolate are a delicious combination, which is why today we bring you this chocolate olive oil cake recipe that is very simple to make. A fast and simple recipe made with a few ingredients that almost everyone has on hand in their kitchen. The … Read more

Christmas Beef Wellington recipe, step by step

Learn how to make the world famous Christmas beef wellington recipe that is sure to be a hit this Christmas.

The origin of the Christmas beef Wellington recipe is a mystery. Some people have traced it back to Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington and a military hero of 19th-century Britain. Nicknamed the “Iron Duke,” his victories during the Napoleonic Wars catapulted him to fame, and the Battle of Waterloo earned him the Gold Medal. … Read more

Ancient uses of olive oil

Heirs of liquid gold, the 15 most important ancient uses of olive oil in history.

Olive oil has been a part of human life for centuries, but what were the ancient uses of olive oil? Many of its purposes today have been passed down from one generation to the next. Thousands of years ago, just like today, this element was used in everyday life. The 15 most important ancient uses … Read more

What do experts analyze with
an olive oil quality test?

Experts perform olive oil quality tests.

When performing an olive oil quality test, it is extremely important to consider the sensory nuances and chemical parameters that guarantee quality. These tests, which are done in specialized labs, give us a greater understanding of what the “quality olive oil” label means. For example, we are able to obtain information about the quality of … Read more

The best mashed potato recipes for Thanksgiving

Three ways to make mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving

How to make the best mashed potato recipes for Thanksgiving? On this special day, a mouth-watering turkey and a hearty side of mashed potatoes can be found on almost any dinner table spread. Our goal is for your version to be the best! Learn how to make the best mashed potato recipes for Thanksgiving. Eating … Read more

What is traditional olive oil making?

The step-by-step process of traditional olive oil making

Traditional olive oil making has become a golden legacy and a time-honored tradition whose essence has hardly changed over the centuries. Although new technologies have improved the oil extraction process, techniques that are very similar to the classic mode of operation are still used. Let’s see what this consists of. First, once olives reach the … Read more

Olive oil quality by country:
around the world to
5 olive oil producing locations

Olive oil quality by country based on our location

Today we will discuss olive oil quality by country based on our location. But first we must point out that every country is different, which means that every oil is also different. The weather, the traditions for harvesting and handling the olives, the production process and even the packaging! All of these factors alter characteristics … Read more

4 coconut oil uses that you have never heard of…
but will love!

Coconut oil uses and benefits

Coconut oil uses have gained popularity, especially in recent years. Its benefits as a natural moisturizer, combined with its nutrients, smell and flavor, make it absolutely irresistible!  This article describes 4 coconut oil uses that we love: 1. Coconut oil benefits for hair Some of the coconut oil benefits for hair include: vitamin E, antioxidants … Read more