Knowing the olive oil burning point can impact the flavor of certain foods

Olive oil smoke point:
why it’s important and other curiosities

Knowing the olive oil smoke point is fundamental when cooking to make the most of the olive oil features. Olive oil is essential for having a healthy diet due to its vitamin E and high antioxidants content. Since all of that benefits our health, it is important to bear this in mind. Are you familiar with the basics?


What is the smoke point of olive oil

When it comes to cooking, we need fats, and olive oil is especially healthy considering that it retains its healthy characteristics during boiling as a Universitat de Barcelona study confirms. Moreover, it is a plant-origin oil, which gives it an added value: not only do they have healthier characteristics, but also, they can be used by vegetarians and vegans.

Other fats used in cooking, such as butter, are from animal-origin and contain saturated fatty acids in a large part of its content. This translates into a high level of cholesterol and possibly contributing to cardiovascular disease.

On the other hand, cooking with olive oil requires some knowledge of the keys to make the most of it. We must know what the boiling point of olive oil is, that point in which fat starts to heat in excess. There is no need to worry because olive oil resists the heat quite well and it is not easy for it to reach that point, although it is important to keep the boiling point in mind.

Whereas butter reaches the maximum point at 230º F, olive oil can resist until 410º F. It is more resistant, and what’s more, digestion after cooking with olive oil is faster.   


Other types of oils

Beyond olive oil, you can use other plant-origin oils such as sunflower oil, ideal for frying, baking and seasoning. Moreover, avocado oil has special characteristics that make it stand out when choosing a cooking oil. Do you know them?

Avocado oil approximate smoke point

Avocado oil does not have such an intense flavor as other oils, so it won’t affect the ingredients’ flavors during cooking. Besides, the most important feature when cooking is that: it is more heat resistant. 

Avocado Oil’s approximate smoke point is 520º F, so you will be able to cook at high temperatures for longer.



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