A diet based on olive oil for dogs is more nutritional.

Olive oil for dogs?
Find out why it’s important

Olive oil for dogs? You may never have considered it, but people with pets will want to know how important olive oil can be for their furry friends. Aside from cooking and dressings, there are countless ways to use quality olive oil. Keep reading to learn more about them. 


Can dogs have olive oil?

Olive oil contains antioxidant properties that are extremely important for humans, but is olive oil good for dogs? Of course it is! The cells in your dog’s body can benefit from this oil, which also contains vitamin E, omega-3 and healthy fats.

This supplement can easily be added to a dog’s diet by simply drizzling it on their kibble. This will not only make their food more nutritional, but it will also make it juicier.


Recommended dose of olive oil for dogs

We know that olive oil is good for dogs, but how much should we give them as part of their diet? This depends on the size of your dog:

  •       Up to 20 pounds: 1/2 teaspoon daily.
  •       Between 20 and 65 pounds: 1 teaspoon daily.
  •       More than 65 pounds: 2 teaspoons daily (at most).

Please consult your veterinarian. 


Olive oil for dogs’ skin

Whether it is added to their diet or applied as an ointment, olive oil for dogs’ skin is a practical solution for treating certain skin conditions. If your pet has skin issues, instead of investing in moisturizer or creams, we recommend trying new uses of olive oil.

The key lies in the omega-3 that olive oil contains. This is one of the properties that help nourish the skin, resulting in a healthier coat thanks to a natural remedy.


What skin conditions tend to affect dogs? 

Some of the ailments that can be treated with olive oil are:

  •   Dry skin: Cold weather also irritates a dog’s skin.
  •   Cracked paw pads: If your dog’s paws are a bit worse for the wear, then the antioxidants in olive oil can help.

The treatment consists of adding olive oil to their food as follows: 1/2 tablespoon, twice daily, for several days. It is important to monitor their skin, and if it improves, then the dose can be lowered to a few drops (about five should be enough). 


Other ways of using olive oil for dogs’ skin

We have seen that olive oil can be included in a dog’s diet to help absorb all the necessary nutrients. However, olive oil can also be applied to a dog’s skin, especially to relieve itching or dry skin.

In these instances, veterinarians recommend adding between five and ten drops of oil to a cup of water. This mixture can then be applied to the affected area, gently massaging the patch of dry skin. Next, use a paper towel to clean the area in question and remove any excess oil. Once daily is enough until the problem disappears.


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