can i use olive oil for stir fry? coconut oil will give your stir fries a special touch

Can I use olive oil for stir fry?

Can I use olive oil for stir fry? Have you ever wondered about this? As you know, there are countless possibilities for olive oil in the kitchen. Keep reading because we have the answer. Spoiler: Of course!

Olive oil is a key ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, but it is also much more. Its nutrients and properties enrich all types of diets in many ways. For example, use this type of oil in stir fries for a healthy touch and extra flavor. 


What is the best oil to use for stir fry?

The first thing to keep in mind is that cooking oils can be very different from each other. This can be a determining factor when deciding what type of Italica olive oil to use for a stir fry. Take note of these tips before choosing a type of oil, although you have the final say as the chef.


Olive oil or extra virgin olive oil?

Many recipes use extra virgin olive oil because of its quality and purity, although in other instances, less intensity is preferred and olive oil is used so it doesn’t overpower other ingredients and their original flavor remains intact. Choosing the best oil for stir fry is up to you. 

Smoke point must be considered as well, which is slightly higher with Pure/Classic vs. Extra virgin olive oil.

For a stir fry, we like using classic olive oil more than an extra virgin variety.  Once the dish has been prepared and served, drizzle a few drops of extra virgin olive oil for a special touch.


The flavor marks the difference

The oil used for your stir fry can help you innovate in the kitchen and try original flavors.

  • Coconut oil: this type of oil gives a tropical touch and a unique flavor. It is primarily used for chicken stir fries.
  • Avocado oil: this oil has a more neutral flavor, so in a stir fry, it will help highlight the original flavor of the dish being prepared. This type of oil is rich in essential nutrients and works great for a vegetable or meat stir fry.


Oil for stir fry backed by research

Various studies have proven the importance of including olive oil in our diet and our stir fries. Examples focused on vegetable stir fries have been published in the Journal of Food Science. In this paper, Spanish researchers found that the vitamin properties of broccoli are not affected when sautéed in sunflower oil. Even extra virgin olive oil helps preserve these properties, which shows that we can use it if we like.


How do you season stir fry?

Here are some ideas for choosing the best condiment for stir fries:

  • Herbs: you can add oregano to olive oil for a more traditional flavor, or rosemary for something bolder.
  • Spices: nutmeg, one of the most popular in India, can add a sweet and spicy touch, and cinnamon has a sweet flavor that, instead of confusing our taste buds, can introduce us to a world of new sensations. If you prefer not to experiment too much, then try a more traditional spice like pepper.


We hope you enjoyed our ideas for improving your stir fry recipe. Learn more about different types of oil and become an expert in the kitchen.

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