Homemade olive oil mayonnaise recipe

Olive oil mayonnaise recipe in 3 minutes

Homemade olive oil mayonnaise can save us in the event of a kitchen emergency. There is no better condiment for any picnic, family meal or get-together with friends. This quintessential sauce is always a hit!

We use it in an array of dishes, such as to accompany appetizers or as the main ingredient in some of our recipes. However, mayonnaise rarely gets the importance it deserves in recipe books. 

With this homemade olive oil mayonnaise recipe, we want to show how it is possible to make a delicious, healthy and simple mayonnaise in less than three minutes. 


How to make homemade olive oil mayonnaise



First, peel the garlic clove and cut off one fourth (or half if the clove is small), mince it and place it in the blender jar. 

Next, add the egg along with a pinch of salt and a few drops of vinegar (any type of vinegar! Not only does a little acid like wine vinegar, champagne vinegar, and lemon juice add incredible flavor to the mayonnaise, it also helps to stabilize the mixture). 

Insert the immersion blender in the jar until it reaches the bottom, and without turning it on or moving it, add one cup of extra virgin olive oil. 

Without budging the blender, turn it on (low-medium speed) for 15 to 17 seconds until the mixture is emulsified. When no olive oil remains at the bottom of the jar, begin to move the blender gently up and down, enveloping the mixture with every motion. This will allow us to attain the desired mayonnaise consistency.


Olive oil mayo recipe, to your liking!

This olive oil mayonnaise recipe has countless benefits. It’s fast, easy and doesn’t require you to be a culinary expert. You can also season it to taste to discover a new flavor every time. 

Simply add your favorite extra ingredient and mix with a spoon. Here are some recommendations:

  • Olive oil mayonnaise with a touch of our grape seed oil
  • Homemade olive oil mayonnaise with rosemary and chopped basil
  • Homemade olive oil mayonnaise with sweet pepper
  • Homemade olive oil mayonnaise with squid ink
  • Homemade olive oil mayonnaise with parsley


Chef’s tip

Take the egg out of the refrigerator in advance so it is at room temperature. This will keep the mayonnaise from separating or curdling. And to give the mayonnaise a lighter flavor, simply make the same recipe but with ¾ cup of extra virgin olive oil (instead of 1 cup) and add three tablespoons of Italica sunflower oil and you’re set!


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